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Get all the benefits of our competitive benchmarking subscription service tailored to your need.

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Access to Customer Power is easy and flexible. You can buy access to the whole data set for 11 sectors via our online platform, or data from one or more sectors that are relevant to you. Instead of, or in addition, you can also buy bespoke competitive benchmarking reports. Please select the options of interest to you to obtain the price.
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Bundled discounts have already been applied for the purchase of multiple combinations.
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The prices here show the base fee for the first year; any repeat access to top-up data in subsequent years will be charged at a reduced level and will be agreed at time of renewal.
Online platform accessing all sectors and brands
Specific sector access – choose which sectors are of interest to access via our online platform. For banking, car insurance, home insurance, credit cards, pay TV, mobile, and energy, prices cover access of 9 waves of data (7 up to the end of 2015 and 2 waves from 2016). For broadband, supermarkets, hotels and airlines prices cover access of 4 waves of data (2 in 2015 and 2 in 2016). If you are interested in a bespoke report the price is available on request.
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Access is free up until end of December 2015 but subsequent access in 2016 data will be at a fee.